– How Instagram photos stimulate my greed.

This project explores how social media is acting as trigger for emotions in daily life. Here I am using my own identity as a starting point, focusing on my greed, trying to understand the cause and find a solution for it.


I start by collecting posts with things I desire such as cameras, desserts, and accessories on Instagram, print them out life size, and make the post into "real objects" by cutting and folding.


︎︎My version of the charming objects


Then I take self-portraits with the paper objects as if I am holding the real ones, and upload finished photos back to Instagram with other people’s posts collaged as backgrounds, since I cannot physically be in those places in my own posts. Having my presence and the "objects" with me in the photographs act as a means of possession, which may help release my anxiety and reduce the urgency of greed.


︎︎ My posts on Instagram
For more images, search #FLAVIEWANTSTHIS


︎Installation shots

︎ Freelance/remote working preferred.
︎ Résumé available upon request.

︎Current location: Shanghai, CN.