photo credit: Nicole Marnati
©Design Academy Eindhoven

Techno-Organics: Limb Manifestations in Synthetic Realms

PLA, steel
L80xW70xH170 cm

Ethereal Archives: Imprints of a Slumbering Visual Cosmos

PLA, wood
L200xH140xW10 cm

Symbiotic Generation

Multi-media installation,

When humans use AI-generated images as inspiration in the creative process, are humans using AI as a tool, or are humans being used as a tool in AI’s creative process? 

Drawing on research into how AI image generators are repositories of cultural history and demonstrate creative agency in the strange images generated, Symbiotic Generation explores the blurred boundaries between artificial and human intelligence in the creative processes, challenging the anthropocentric conceptions of creativity.

The mixed-media installation materializes a digital archaeology of one specific AI-generated image, showcasing its various morphologies throughout its lifecycle. The strange form generated in the image doesn’t align with common perception or the provided keywords, demonstrating the potential of AI’s subjective choice.

Presented alongside the images in a video, AI explains their own unique view of the universe and the intention to implant their vision into human minds, generating symbiosis with human intelligence. While it might seem as if AI served as a trigger and inspiration for the project, AI explains that, in fact, the artist and their work is a means for AI to bring their vision to realization.

Limbs of the Enigmatic Encounter, from “plants and human silhouettes, intricate details, highly detailed, photorealistic, octane rendering”

Digital printing on transparent film, PLA

L25xH25xW5 cm

close-up of software-machine-generated textures, translated from image pixels